About Sharon Hudson

Over the past 35 years I have worked in corporate offices, on fundraising campaigns, in the music industry but mainly as a stay-at-home mom. During all of these years my main interest has always been nutrition, health and wellness. In 2017 I decided to go back to school to follow my life-long interest. I graduated from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in October 2018 as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. There are so many opportunities in the health and wellness industry which confused me even more as to where to begin. In 2018 my daughter introduced me to PEMF Therapy. I was fascinated! This led to more research and trying to find a program in Toronto. I was so excited to think that we could re-charge our batteries to improve our health and well-being that I decided to jump in with both feet, purchase a machine and bring this energy to friends and family. I am proud to be part of your journey to better health and wellness with my co-founder and daughter Nicole.

- Sharon Hudson, Co-Founder

About Nicole Hudson

After almost ten years of being a competitive synchronized swimmer, which came along with lots of enjoyment but also a lot of suffering from injury and overall soreness, I made a switch to horseback riding. With that switch, I decided to buy my first horse and fell in love with her. I now spend almost every day with her and also work once a week at a top show and breeding farm. Before I brought my beautiful mare, Roo, I leased a gelding for a year; I was always trying to make sure that he was at his top performance. Through this, I found PEMF and fell in love with what it did for him even in just his two short sessions. After that, I convinced my mother and co-founder that we needed to jump on this fantastic opportunity and bring PEMF to more people and animals. I want to be able to bring healthy and better performance to anyone suffering from body pain in a sport that they so badly want to enjoy, or to any animal that needs a bit or a lot more help with being their best.

- Nicole Hudson, Co-Founder